Nanaimo Men’s Circle

Nanaimo Men’s Circle is in its seventh year of successful circles and gatherings here in the Mid Vancouver Island region, we support one another in our communities and lives. While we are an open circle (meaning that community members are welcome to join) we ask that new men please RSVP their intent to come and that after a trial period they make the commitment to attend meetings on a regular basis. Our hope is to build a strong men’s community. In addition to our regular weekly meetings it is our intent to offer Men’s Community Gathering days around the sweatlodge, drumming and feast or other day events of agreement every other month, date and time to be determined by the majority of the men.

Thank you for being the change in our community!

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2 thoughts on “Nanaimo Men’s Circle

  1. My son was sexually molested and will not report it because he does not want it public…can you suggest where he can go for help by talking to someone. He lives in Nanaimo


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